Faith on Fire

I wrote Faith on Fire in 2001 for a retreat. Fr. Alfredo Arias was a seminarian at the time and shared an office with me. He said at a meeting for the retreat that “My brother Brandon will write a song for this retreat”. I laughed it off, but a week or so passed and I sat down and wrote the song. It flowed out from me very quickly. It was inspired. You could call it a prophesy. I didn’t know I had it in me, but God knew, and so did Alfredo.


Verse 1
Lord I’m feeling cold now
I’m falling from your light
Don’t know where my life is heading
But I know it isn’t right
I need something to warm me up
Set my faith on fire
I’m begging on my hands and knees
Give me what I require

Set my head on fire
Set my heart on fire
Set my feet on fire
Set my faith on fire

Verse 2
Lord the world is dark now
It needs to see your light
Don’t know if I can do the job
But I know with you I might
I need you Lord to light me up
Set my faith on fire
I’m waiting with an open heart
For the light that I require

Lord I know you are so great
It’s for you we celebrate
So send your spirit down on me
And set my soul ablaze

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A Worship Leader and Web and Graphic Designer. Brandon is your general artsy type. He plays guitar, writes music, designs everything from logos and websites to jewelry and t-shirts. He cultivates his relationship with Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church. He tries to live his life knowing that he was made for Jesus.

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